Happy Birthday Mom…

Today would have been my beautiful mother’s 83rd birthday. I write this post in her honor. Birthdays, as with Christmas, were always a big deal in our home. Since I don’t have a family of my own, and mom spent the last several years living with me, I always did something big for her birthday. … Continue reading

Happiness project- Jan 26

Pic of the day….

Happiness at the Big Tree

Today I saw the biggest tree in FL. This has been the highlight of my week. It’s name is The Senator. It did about as much for me as our current senators so I’d like to honor it with a photo…

Dating Dont’s & Exciting News

So here it is, the first day of the new year, and my very first post is dedicated to my niece Joleen and her fiance! That’s right, she is engaged. I am so happy for them both and hopefully I’ll be planning a trip to NYC this Spring to meet him. In the meantime, big … Continue reading

The World’s Best Black Beans

You might think that’s a bit of an exaggeration and it might be, but they also might be the best black beans you’ve ever tasted. This recipe has been tweaked and adjusted with additions of this and that over the years but I always end up coming back to my tried and true, original recipe. … Continue reading