Happiness at the Big Tree

Today I saw the biggest tree in FL. This has been the highlight of my week. It’s name is The Senator. It did about as much for me as our current senators so I’d like to honor it with a photo… Advertisements

Happiness Project – Day 2

I love to cook but my roommate Nancy does not share my enthusiasm for this hobby. So today, on a total whim, when she decided she would like to try to make homemade pickles, I was totally stoked. A couple of hours later, they’re in the fridge and we’re counting the days till they are … Continue reading

Dating Dont’s & Exciting News

So here it is, the first day of the new year, and my very first post is dedicated to my niece Joleen and her fiance! That’s right, she is engaged. I am so happy for them both and hopefully I’ll be planning a trip to NYC this Spring to meet him. In the meantime, big … Continue reading

My Own 365 Project

A year ago a coworker and friend sent me a message with a link to his 365 project and suggested that I start one too. (If you don’t know, the 365 Project is basically a year in the life, documented through a photo a day.) I like taking pictures so I thought this would be … Continue reading

I heart NY

Wake Me When It’s Over

I’m just going to say it… this year has sucked. Big time. And it hasn’t sucked justĀ for me. I know several people who have lived through trial after trial, sadness and loss, hard times and setbacks. For me 2011 has most certainly been the worst year of my life. I’ve lost my mother and best … Continue reading

Keep the Magazines Coming Please…

This may come as a surprise to those who haven’t known me more than a few years (and maybe to some that have), but I love fashion. I mean I really LOVE it. It doesn’t have to be anything that I would wear myself but the more over the top the better… think Alexander McQueen … Continue reading


Why is it that everywhere I go holds memories of mom. These are very happy ones tonight… Thank you Winter Park Wine Room. I know you’re looking down on us T & pointing us in the direction of the Reisling (but not too sweet). Love u & miss u so much. Salut mommy.

Eggplant (spinach) Rollatini

Looking at the recipes that I have chosen to share on my blog something occurred to me today… they’re all vegetarian. I assure you this is not intentional… I like meat as much as the next guy (well… maybe not really as much since I don’t “dig on swine” but still, I eat and enjoy … Continue reading