Wake Me When It’s Over

I’m just going to say it… this year has sucked. Big time. And it hasn’t sucked just for me. I know several people who have lived through trial after trial, sadness and loss, hard times and setbacks. For me 2011 has most certainly been the worst year of my life. I’ve lost my mother and best friend, my job of 10 years, a place of my own to live… And still I really try not to let it bring me down. I’m admittedly not all that successful at times, but I do try. I look for the good things and try to be thankful for each one. My nightly prayer always begins with thanks to my Higher Power for the things I have today and most importantly, the people who I try to surround myself with. I’ve said it before but I think it can’t be said enough… I have the VERY BEST friends in the world. Without these people, I am sure I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this tonight. And how are they repaid for their kindness? Some jackass(es), I suspect it was more than one, broke in our home two weeks before Christmas and stole things that, aside from monetary value, can never be replaced in what they mean in our hearts.

My loss was small by comparison. Most of my belongings are still in storage in Atlanta so all they really took of mine was my camera. They even left my computer, which is shocking, but thank God for small miracles. My camera itself is pretty insignificant. The last pictures I ever took with (and of) my mom that were in there… significant doesn’t really describe it. My roommates fared much worse. Valuable things handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter… no replacing any of that. Computers, video cameras and small electronics can be replaced but at what cost?

The worse part, I think, is knowing that someone was in here and knows what we still have. I’ve been a crime victim before but it happened on a public street, not in my bedroom or living room. It is equally as hard for me to see this happen to the people who I love so much. And it causes me to question my beliefs. In my heart I know that I shouldn’t, but how much is too much? I know that there is a great deal of pain and suffering in the world and mine is pretty miniscule in the scheme of things but I’m ready for some good news. I’m ready to be the happy person I once was again. I miss her. I tell myself that day is coming. I try to start each day with something positive… a Facebook status update from a friend who makes it their mission to spread some positivity, a kind word for the lady who gets my coffee after too many all-night shifts, a dollar for the homeless guy who “lives” near my office. I truly believe things are going to change for the better. I do. But I’m ready for it to happen. Come on 2012…. I can’t wait to meet you.

One Response to “Wake Me When It’s Over”
  1. David says:

    Well said Jen! I labeled 2011 the year of change. It’s reach has been far and wide and not many have been spared. Looking forward to 2012 myself. Just a few tiny weeks to go!

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