Keep the Magazines Coming Please…

This may come as a surprise to those who haven’t known me more than a few years (and maybe to some that have), but I love fashion. I mean I really LOVE it. It doesn’t have to be anything that I would wear myself but the more over the top the better… think Alexander McQueen … Continue reading


Why is it that everywhere I go holds memories of mom. These are very happy ones tonight… Thank you Winter Park Wine Room. I know you’re looking down on us T & pointing us in the direction of the Reisling (but not too sweet). Love u & miss u so much. Salut mommy.

Eggplant (spinach) Rollatini


Looking at the recipes that I have chosen to share on my blog something occurred to me today… they’re all vegetarian. I assure you this is not intentional… I like meat as much as the next guy (well… maybe not really as much since I don’t “dig on swine” but still, I eat and enjoy … Continue reading