40 Things Before I’m, uhhh, 39 again?

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page, and she saw it on someone’s blog, but I thought it was a great idea, so I am poaching it and posting it here. I hope it inspires others to make some goals or just think about something you would really like to accomplish. As I have been shown again and again over the last few years, life is very short, so not putting off the things you’d like to do is important. What would you like to do before your next birthday?

In no particular order:

1. Start surfing again

2. Write more, both on my blog and on current and abandoned projects

3. Finish my book

4. See it dedicated to my mother in print

5. Spend more time with my friends

6. Talk to my family more often

7. Cook one new dish each week

8. Try new ingredients and flavors

9. Learn to speak at least one additional language fluently

10. Go on vacation to a place that I can speak my newly learned language

11. Lose the weight that I have (admittadly) half- heartedly been trying to lose over the last five years

12. Get in shape.

13. Run a 5k

14. Start doing at least 30 minutes of yoga each morning again

15. Stop eating sugar. (Bad habit I have picked up in the last year)

16. Honor my mother and father every day

17. Visit their gravesite as often as possible

18.Read “The Dante Club” (the only book on my shelves that I bought and never read)

19. Attend mass at least one Sunday a month

20. Put away a little money in savings each payday

21. Get better at reaching out to my friends. I miss them so

22. Let those around me know how much I care for them

23. Finally figure out my 401k and how to best invest

24. Visit at least one new place in the US

25. Visit at least one new place outside of the US

26. Bring my camera everywhere and actually take pictures

27. Get out of the house more

28. Join a professional group and stay active

29. Honor all my comittments

30. Don’t cancel plans with friends because I am feeling down

31. Meditate more

32. Find at least three authors I have never read before and read at least one book from each

33. Finish reading one book from each of the Top 10 female writers of all time (I’ve started this one)

34. Visit Paris and the French countryside so I can better understand my roots

35. Learn to cook at least one classic French dish perfectly and prepare it at least once a month

36. Visit my family in Alabama

37. Visit my family in Michigan

38. Take the yoga/ surf camp trip to the Dominican Republic alone like I’ve planned for the last three years

39. Get the portrait tattoo of mom so I can see her everyday

40. Learn to ski

2 Responses to “40 Things Before I’m, uhhh, 39 again?”
  1. gr8flnancy says:

    I love your list & I hope I can participate in some of these with you šŸ™‚

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