A Fork in the Road

The recent events in my life have completely changed my path and although I am not ready to really talk it out yet, I know I have to get back to some of the “normal” parts of my life so I’m starting over with my blog. I’ve given it a new look, new categories and a new focus. I started the blog as a place to keep up my writing and maybe add some funny commentary to the things happening in my world, not really expecting anyone to read it. Then, when we almost lost my brother last year, I realized that it was a good place to get information to those people who wanted to know and also release some of the feelings that I might not otherwise share. The experience that we went through with my brother was hard and writing about it helped. The recent loss of my mother is beyond my ability to discuss in an open forum, for now at least, and her passing has completely changed my life. I hear people talk about having two lives, one before 9-11 and one after 9-11. I have my life with T Bo and this one, without her. I’m working on the grieving process but can’t seem to get a handle of how to feel or what to think. I am sure it will come one day. Until then, having something to keep me busy helps and so with that in mind, I decided to give my little blog some structure, some personality and hopefully, along the way, gain some readers or at least share something useful or just give someone a chuckle.

So with that in mind, I changed the look, added some new categories and moved some things around a bit. I haven’t really done a lot for myself over the past five or six years, although I do love some wonderful things like cooking, surfing, football season, yoga, writing, taking on new challenges in my professional life and of course, my beautiful friends and family, that I look forward to sharing through this medium. I’m starting small with a recipe tonight, but it’s one of my favorites and the first thing I have really felt like cooking in a month. Maybe someone will try it. I hope so… It is pretty good.

I welcome all comments, feedback, tips, etc… I hope if you’ve stumbled across my site, you like it and you will return. Life changes so fast so be sure to take a minute each day to appreciate those around you and to really enjoy at least one thing that crosses your path. You will never regret it.

One Response to “A Fork in the Road”
  1. gr8flnancy says:

    love you dearly xoxo

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