Snow, Ice and Atlanta

Ok, so I am not very good at keeping resolutions. So much for writing on the blog every week but I have been rather busy and I have also picked up some ghost-blogging freelance work so between that and a non-stop work schedule, with a trip thrown in, I have definitely been keeping busy. Before I get into the main part of my post (prepare yourself for a bit of shameless self-promotion here), I want to throw out there that the ghost blogging is going really well and I am available for more jobs so if you know anyone looking for some freelance writers, please feel free to send them my way.

Ok so now that is out of the way, back to my life in progress. This winter in Atlanta, quite frankly, has sucked. It has been so cold and we started the winter with two snow days. The first of which was over Christmas and was the first white Christmas in the metro in like 120 years*. I looked out the window, it was pretty. The next day it was gone. Just how I like the snow. The second “snow event” as the news called it was a bit different. On a Sunday night at the beginning of January, we got about six inches where I live. Now, that may not seem like a lot but believe me, in a city that has (an astonishing) 11 snow plows for more than five million people, six inches is a lot. The streets were covered and the temperature stayed below freezing for several days, which led to wide-spread ice on the streets. I’ve traveled quite a bit for work. I’ve driven in snow and ice in places like Chicago, Seattle, Denver and even Dallas. Since I’m not used to it, it’s a bit daunting but the roads are passable. The plows go out and you’re good to go. Not so here in the Dirty South… I have honestly never seen anything quite like it. After three days of being stuck in the house, I decided to attempt the two-mile drive to my office. Ice skates would have been a far better choice for travel than my car, although that method of travel probably would have come with two broken ankles, a very cold ass and a grumpy Jenn. I made it to the first intersection. As I approached the light turned yellow. I had to turn there so I did some quick thinking and remembered not to slam on the brakes on ice and just cautiously slowed down, then lightly applied pressure to the brake pedal. This was quickly followed by what I can only describe as one of those “come to Jesus” moments where as my car just slid right on through the intersection (now with cars starting across), I felt what it must be like to be in one of those slow-motion dream sequences where you see it happening, you hear your scream though it seems far away and very slow but then in a flash you are sitting in a parking lot, shaking and looking at the Asian lady that runs the dry cleaner staring at you through the window with her eyes pleading that you will not keep going right on through her window…

I didn’t drive into any buildings but I was not a happy girl that I had to continue on to work when there was a perfectly good computer right in my home office. I made it home later that day and called my manager to inform her I would not be driving on the Atlanta Ice Road the next day so if I needed to be there, someone needed to pick me up, which they did, and all was well.

Kids in my neighborhood built a (really weird-looking) snowman and it took him two weeks to melt. Two weeks! Then I learned on the news that Atlanta’s “snow plan” is to “let it snow and let it melt”… not very proactive ladies and gentlemen… I’m just sayin.

But now the snow is gone, and this week we had two whole days of temperatures near 70! It was so fabulous! I ate lunch outside and took my sweet time making it back inside. Since we no longer get 401 k matching, I think we should at least get a few “work outside” days when Spring sets in. It would help morale, I guarantee it! The temperature is dropping again tomorrow but not too far. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that Spring is on the way!

Oh and one last little thing… a special congratulations to two close friends and their husbands, Kim & Danny and Lori & Arif, on their little bundles of joy that are finally here! You guys are going to be such great parents and I could not be happier for you!

Much love.

*This is not a factual statement but an approximation based on the continuously changing numbers heard on various tv, radio and internet news channels over the course of the holiday weekend.

2 Responses to “Snow, Ice and Atlanta”
  1. Lori D. says:

    I’ve had no time to do anything, including updating friends about our new twins, but I’m so glad I took the moment to read your blog. It’s refreshing and always fun to read. : )

  2. Kim C says:

    Jenn Great post as always, and can’t wait for you to meet Marissa

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