Shame Shame, Urban Meyer, Everyone Knows Your Name

You may be wondering why the sudden change of heart after my last post about how we should all just embrace our Florida heritage and be proud of our respective coaches and what they have brought to the game of college football? All I can say is that I must have been in some kind of holiday spirit-induced trance from the shiny bows and twinkling lights, not to mention all the nog, to go out on a limb like that and sing the praises of the Gators fearless leader.

Not even 24 hours after Coach Meyer announced his resignation citing health reasons and noting that it was time to put his family first, he realized that he made a mistake and rescinded his resignation. He mentioned the need to make his family a priority three times in his speech on Saturday. Then, on Sunday morning, he watched a “spirited practice” and apparently decided that his family really just might not be the  most important thing after all.

And just like that, quicker than a Tim Tebow jump pass, retirement’s off! Turns out, he just needs a little vacation.

No one knows how long it will last. I waited a couple days to write this post just to be sure I wouldn’t have to turn around and write another one titled “Retirement’s Back On!” And while I’m at it… this couldn’t wait till after the Sugar Bowl? Way to overshadow your teams  last game of the year with what was “bombshell news” Saturday, but not so much by Sunday.

Who knows what next year will hold but I suspect that we will see Coach Meyer standing on the sideline of the Swamp, leading his team to more victories and continuing to build on his already wildly successful program. But please, don’t get caught up in the Favre-esque cycle of retiring, not retiring. As a friend of mine so eloquently put it, that’s just lame. So I take it back. I don’t care if you bad mouth the Gators or what side of the fence you come down on in regards to this issue. I’m proudly rejoining the ranks of the Gator Haters and letting my garnet and gold true colors fly!

As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Well shame on you Urban, you won’t get me again!

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