Understanding child brain injury symptoms

Originally posted on Cerebral Palsy Resource:
Most children have scrapes and knocks during childhood and school activities –  and recognising the symptoms of conditions like concussion  can help parents make the right decision about whether to see a GP or take your child to A&E. Some children are also born with brain injury or sadly…


Cabin Fever

Looking at old travel photos and realizing how much I miss it. Goal for this year: Get back out there. Explore with friends. Soak up all the cultures and beauty this world has to offer.

I hate diets…

So when I decided to really dedicate myself to losing weight, it was a tough decision for me to ultimately try the Body By Visalus plan. The plan works like this: a shake for breakfast, a snack, a shake for lunch, a snack and a healthy dinner. I really didn’t know if I could do … Continue reading


New Beginnings

Today has been one year since I arrived back in Florida. It’s really kind of crazy to think that a year has passed already and to think about all the ways that my life has changed in the last 14 months. After the loss of my mom and the job that I had for the … Continue reading


The Final and Most Difficult Chapter in a Completely Unreal Year

Whew. I cannot believe that I made it through the last 12 months. To say it’s been hard is an understatement of mythical proportions. Last Saturday was the one year mark since I lost my mom. To many this may seem sad but maybe not something that would completely change their world, and I get … Continue reading


Happy Birthday Mom…

Today would have been my beautiful mother’s 83rd birthday. I write this post in her honor. Birthdays, as with Christmas, were always a big deal in our home. Since I don’t have a family of my own, and mom spent the last several years living with me, I always did something big for her birthday. … Continue reading


For My Daddy…

The last 12 months have seen me spend many a night writing about my mom, most of it not public but a few posts here that I wanted to share. It has been incredibly therapuetic and I expect the next week will see some of the more emotional posts, as I reach a milestone that … Continue reading


New Ventures, Life Expectancy and Online Dating

 It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything and I finally have some news worth sharing… I got a new job. (yay!!!) Yep, someone is going to pay me a salary, benefits, the whole thing to write. It’s a technical writer position, so not too glamorous, but important none the less, and it’s a … Continue reading


Viva Las Vegas

This post is dedicated to my close friends: Kristi, Nancy, Bill, Margi & Dan. I love our little family and miss Dan incredibly. Here is to fabulous memories and good times ahead. Love you guys.


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